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For Cities Around The World

Clean Air Initiative For Cities Around The World



The Clean Air Initiative (CAI) advances innovative ways to improve air quality in cities by sharing knowledge and experiences through partnerships in selected regions of the world.

CAI partners and participants foster actions to improve air quality in cities. We bring together a range of cross-cutting expertise in urban development, transport, energy reform, environmental management and environmental health.

The Initiative is currently active in three regions:

  • Asia
  • Latin America
  • Sub-Saharan Africa

CAI has also been involved in a couple of activities in Europe and Central Asia. Information on past CAI-ECA activities have been archived for reference only.

We invite you to explore the site. See our calendar of events, register for updates, find updated information on air quality topics, and join our on-line or email discussions. We welcome your comments on content, navigation, and design of the site.

What Are Body Wraps?

Especially in the New Year, consumers want to restore their shape to its pre-holiday sleekness or better. Often, it was not so sleek to begin with and consumers see January as the time to make a change. Body wraps work alongside other products and also on their own to tone a person’s body naturally from the outside, but they can also do more.

Where to Find a Body Wrap

Body wraps are sold online and in stores. They are also used in spas. Consider trying one out when you go for a spa day before spending money on one. There are claims that results are quick: you can see benefits within 45 minutes, but they are more obvious after three days of consistent use. Body wraps have also spawned affiliate marketing companies and sales parties.

Where to Apply Wraps

A body wrap can go around any part of your body which needs to slim down. This could be your thighs, arms, or your belly. At a spa you could have each part of your body wrapped individually.

How Does It Feel?

Users claim that no matter what results they see, it feels great to wrap their bodies in natural ingredients which are not messy, just soothing. The use of natural plant extracts in these products gives consumers confidence that they are dealing with safe solutions to stress, cellulite, and toxicity. Some consumers use them to support cleansing, but it is advisable to add an internal cleansing routine for best results.

If you have a wrap done at home this is convenient, and certain products are infused with herbs so they do not feel gooey or messy. When you get one done at a spa, an important ingredient is heat. You are literally sweating away some of the toxins in your body and potentially melting fat while having a nap.

Afterwards you should feel totally relaxed, clean, and possibly smoother in the areas which were wrapped. Smoother skin could also be the result of pre- and post-wrap treatments with scrubs and lotions.

What Is Wrapping for?

Consumers are using body wraps for several purposes. One is just to relax, surrounded by scents which make them feel happy, even serene. Another is to promote the reduction of cellulite with the firming of skin cells. Natural plant-based products are often considered beneficial in this department. Thirdly, consumers notice they simply slim down when they stay wrapped for long enough, especially if they support the wrapping process with cleansing. Learn more by searching it works body wraps in google or following the link.

What Are Seasonal Allergies?

seasonal allergies

seasonal allergiesSeasonal allergies occur at certain times each year and they are caused by pollen and spores. If you get flu like symptoms at the same time each year, you might have an allergy. The immune system of a person with seasonal allergies treats spores and pollen as invaders. As a result, their immune system releases several chemicals such as histamines into their bloodstream to defend the body. The release of these chemicals brings about allergy symptoms. Persons can be allergic to many types of pollen and mold. The type that you are allergic to determines when your allergies will occur.

Signs and symptoms
Seasonal allergies are characterized by flu like symptoms occurring at the same time each year. Allergy symptoms come suddenly and they last for the period which you are exposed to the allergen.  These symptoms include; sneezing, coughing, nasal congestion and an itchy nose. Some people get conjunctivitis, a symptom characterized by red, itchy and watery eyes. If you also experience breathlessness and wheezing, the allergy might have advanced to asthma.
These allergies are easy to diagnose because the symptoms are the same each year. A allergist Utah doctor asks certain questions and conducts a physical exam. An allergy skin test needs to be done in some cases. It is done by injecting the allergen under your skin. If the injected area forms a lump that is red in color, the allergy test is said to be positive.
Seasonal allergies are not curable. However, the symptoms can be relieved. You should start by limiting your exposure to the allergens. You can do this by closing your windows and staying indoors when the pollen count is high. A person with seasonal allergies should not trim the lawn. If exposure reduction proves ineffective, you should consider treating the symptoms using antihistamines and decongestants.

Understanding Document Management Software Can Save The Planet

Storing, managing and ensuring the proper sorting of documents in any organization or company is called document management. For centuries, ever since man started to document or record things that transpired in his or her everyday life, managing such records became important. Libraries are an example of a document management system, which was developed centuries ago.

However, since the development of modern technology, computer programs have developed document management software, which completely revolutionized how documents are stored, managed, kept safe and retrieved. Major document management software systems today are categorized into four types.

Types of DMS

Web based DMS — This mainly uses various web browsers as an access point to stored documents online. Most online libraries use this kind of DMS system to provide users the access to the documents, an example would be a system efilecabinet.

Server based DMS — Uses a centralized server to store all of the documents, which could only be accessed by computers connected to the server. Most corporations, businesses and even government agencies use this kind of DMS in their systems.

Database DMS — This is a type of document management system that places all information into one type of program which everyone accesses. Organizations that focus on financial monitoring, keeping track of personal information and such uses database type DMS often.

Cloud based DMS — is the newest form of DMS systems which relies heavily on the internet. The files are uploaded into an online server which is accessible by multiple devices. People can instantly access documents every time, everywhere. It revolutionized document management systems everywhere and many are starting to integrate such system into their business, corporation or organization.

The development of the computer greatly improved how documents are stored and kept safe. Because of this, ensuring that important documents are stored properly is now easier compared to the situation 50 or 60 years ago.

Enviromental Benefits Of Using Natural Skin Salves And Olive Oil For The Skin

Typically, the common skin conditions include Eczema, Psoriasis, rashes, dry and cracked skin, often from work and industrial environments. Many a times, people tend to incline to unhealthy foods and drinks. For instance, a person will prefer having a soda than drinking plenty of clean water. Because of ignorance, many people will not understand the detrimental effect that sugary food and beverages have on the skin.

The largest organ in the human body is the skin, and does replicates what goes on internally. The poor conditions observed in our skins are as a result of; intake of insufficient water, poor diet, and failure to take green vegetables. It is not that easy for individuals to alternate their habits despite their enlightenment to reality.

The remedy is seeking the best alternative to sooth and as well to heal, and you can bet that most often its olive oil for the skin. It has been realized that smearing of a natural skin salve works miracles if consistence and persistence is maintained.

A skin salve that works best is an amalgam of liquefied phenol and medical turpentine. These ingredients are combined in a base of paraffin, cotton seed oil and petrolatum. Itching is a problem because itches come with scratching and irritation.

A workable routine is to apply the skin salve when retiring to bed and then wrapping the area using a soft cloth. This gives the area adequate time to heal since the salve will not be rubbed off by activities of the day.

Skin salve is also known as a drawing salve. This is because of the salve’s ability to draw out slivers, splinter and other infections that affect the skin. The salve has been sought after and used by many for over a century. Today, it continues to be the ultimate popular remedy. A natural salve treats the skin and gives it a quick relief.



Monitoring and DataAir pollution monitoring is required to evaluate compliance with adopted air quality standards or objectives; evaluate public health risks, determine trends in pollutant concentrations and evaluate the effectivesness of control programs.


CPCB laboratory staff show a typical SPM filter

Air quality monitoring and data collection are essential elements of an Air Quality Management System (AQMS). Data collected as part of the air quality assessment are used for evaluating current pollution concentrations, trends, and compliance with air quality standards. Air quality assessment may also include an initial identification of pollution sources through careful analysis of the monitoring data. The following components are essential to the establishment of an air quality monitoring program:

  • selection of pollutants to be monitored
  • pollutant averaging times
  • mobile and stationary monitoring
  • monitoring techniques and instrumentation
  • laboratory and calibration support services and methods
  • network design and siting of stations
  • data collection and storage
  • quality assurance and quality control
  • financial and manpower requirements
  • meteorological data needs

Emission Inventories

Emission Inventories
Emission inventories are an essential element of air quality management programs. They provide a basis for regulatory programs, dispersion modeling, emission trends analysis and many other program activities.

Inventories are estimates a collection ofair pollutant emission estimates based on an emission factor (i.e., grams CO per km of vehicle travel) and an activity indicator (ie.e, km ov vehicle travel per year). The product of the emission factor and the activity inducator is the number of grams of pollutant emitted per year (usually expressed in metric tons). Corrective factors to account for emission control systems, seasonal variations in activity or future growh rates are often applied to the base emission estimates. Inventories typically change over time becauses of improvements in the data or changes in source operating conditons. A complete inventory includes all motor vehicle sources, industrial sources and areas sources (space heating, open burning, street dust, agricultural or forestry burning, etc.).

Information On Rehab Loans

The definition of a rehab loan is a loan used in the rehabilitation of a building or home. This type of loan can be made through a traditional lender by are usually done by a government agency. The government sees this investment as a nice way to revitalize neighborhoods and to expand the tax base in the areas that are not in the best of shape.

In the U.S., one common rehab loan is through the Housing and Urban Development program. Those who are interested in going through this program need to meet some requirements such as creditworthiness and a qualifying property.

In may cases, these type of loans from Funding Database can be used to make improvements on the property and to purchase a property. Being able to do this may allow the person purchasing the property the ability to get a loan that is more than the value of the structure currently. The home will get additional value to it once it has been repaired, making the loan secured down the road. The Urban Development program should only be for structures designed for one to four families. It might also be a good idea for you to look into something like a bridge loan if alternate funding does not work out.

So, if you are planning on repairing your home or building, this type of loan may work for you.

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